9 Ways To Increase your Home Page’s Conversions

9-way's to increase conversions
9-way's to increase conversions

9 Ways To Increase your Home Page’s Conversions

Having trouble getting conversions on your website’s homepage?

I bet your website just seems to be lagging behind your expectations?

There’s an art to capturing your customers’ attention especially when they are so used to quick 8-second videos (thanks TikTok) making their attention span horrible.

What you need is a high-quality home page and a lot of small businesses just don’t know how to give good content and make a great first impression on their website.

Well I’ve got some good news.

There are some real simple things that you can do to increase your conversions without spending a lot of time and money.

I’ve got 9 ideas in this article so let’s give them a try one by one. 

Table of Contents

  1. Captivate Your Website Visitor’s Interest!
  2. Make Your Unique Selling Point (USP) Clear
  3. Place High Quality Images On The Home Page
  4. Your Customer Want Solutions
  5. Collect Emails and Phone Numbers Using an Easy Opt-In Form
  6. Make Good Use of Social Proof and Testimonials
  7. Add Video to Your Home Page
  8. Let Them Follow You On Social Media
  9. Test Test Test

1    Captivate Your Website Visitor’s Interest!

The very first step is making sure your intended audience is engaged with you and your website.

Now having an ability to capture your visitor’s attention, be welcoming to them and lead them to take action.

Lead to make an appointment, text or email you is the very thing you as a business owner are interested in the first place! 

A conversion!

We could argue that your website’s job is to get a conversion.

Whether this action turns into a new lead, a new client, customer, or a patient (depending on what your organization does), the connection is critical.

2    Make Your Unique Selling Point (USP) Clear

Why would your website visitors be attracted to what you are offering?

A well-written copy is no longer adequate.

You need a headline that is compelling enough to immediately put visitors in the right frame of mind or they’ll never read the rest of it.

3    Place High Quality Images On The Home Page

A good strategy to use is mixing text, video and having effective images is far more likely to convert.

4    Your Customer Want Solutions

Identify and understand a person’s problem and then form a concrete solution.

This can be anything from a customer going to you because of a bad experience at another website or store.

Customer service is finding a solution for your clientele. 

5    Collect Emails and Phone Numbers Using an Easy Opt-In Form

Now this is what’s hardest for most business owners to understand.

The majority of visitors need anywhere from seven to ten exposures to a brand or product before they make a purchase online or in person (that includes reading reviews).

So collecting contact information is crucial to follow up with them.

You can increase your engagement, brand recondition, and re-target them to come back again. .

6    Make Good Use of Social Proof and Testimonials

As I said above 80% of users say they read reviews before making a purchase.

If you are not including testimonials and social proof on your website or Google Business Profile you could very well be missing out on a lot of word of mouth conversions as a result.

7    Add Video to Your Home Page

Videos are very popular – in fact, they are the most popular (TikTok, IG Reels, YT Shorts, etc…) kind of online content.

When you add short form video content that has a call to action you’ll be guaranteed that people will take an action on your website if led properly.

Remember to capture their attention with an interesting and relevant video. 

8    Let Them Follow You On Social Media

New visitors to your website won’t be compelled to make a purchase on their first visit, and they may not even give away their email address.

Nevertheless, having follow me buttons on your website for your social media is an effective way for people to learn all the things about your company and products.

Thus, making it as easy as possible for them to do so. 

Oh, and you can re-target them that way too. 

9    Test Test Test

If you want this to truly work for your business, then A-B testing, also known as split testing, find what works for your business.

There is software out there that can help you do this effectively.

In short, the software splits up your visitors by sending half to your original page and half to a page with different headlines, call to actions, different colors, that you are testing, and determines a performance score.

You can also use a heat map with recording software to give you a picture of what’s working and what isn’t working when visitors come to your site.

Increasing conversions on your homepage is not rocket science.

However, it’s a good idea to get started if you don’t see conversions from that shiny new website of yours. 

Next Steps

As local business owners in Monterey County, we spend a lot of time, energy, effort, and money to get people to come to our businesses. 

Word of mouth is usually the best but what about the tourists that we get on an almost year-round basis.

Those visitors who are looking for your business will never find you if your website is not optimized and interactive they will leave, it’s a wasted opportunity. 

These are easy fixes, like I mentioned above, so try them out and take the time to learn it. 

Need help with this stuff? We would be happy to help! Want to know how I did this video → 

Connect with me and let’s schedule a call


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